Our Services

Rental management

Our "Property management & administration of condominiums" department offers you the following services for the management of rental properties or individual lots. 

Promotion of your property and/or project
  • Creation of brochures and rental advertisements
  • Management of distribution portals
  • Publication, website, installation of signs

Rental & administrative management
  • Drawing up and managing lease contracts
  • Amendments, modifications & official notifications
  • Processing of terminations
  • Formalities when tenants move in and out
  • Representing the owner before third parties

Financial management
  • Opening of individual bank account
  • Collecting rent
  • Payment of financial charges
  • Drawing up the annual management account

Technical management
  • Caretaking: specifications, contracts, monitoring of activities
  • Entry and exit inventories
  • Routine maintenance and repairs
  • Renovation and refurbishment
  • Management of maintenance contracts

Property management 

Our "Property management & administration of condominiums" department offers you the following services for the administration of condominiums, co-ownerships and property companies. 

Administrative management
  • Convening and holding general meetings
  • Drafting of minutes
  • Implementation of decisions taken by the meeting
  • Conflict management
  • Representing the community before third parties
  • Annual report

Technical management
  • Setting up and monitoring the caretaker service
  • Management of maintenance contracts
  • Monitoring and settling claims with the insurance company and the co-owner(s) concerned
  • Management and monitoring of works approved by the general meeting

Financial management
  • Drawing up annual accounts and provisional budgets
  • Payment of operating and heating costs
  • Distribution of charges between co-owners
  • Monitoring the collection of service charges
  • Managing the renovation fund


Our "brokerage department" offers the following services for the commercialization pf flats, houses, buildings and lands. 

  • Defining the customer's situation and expectations
  • Estimating the market value of the property
  • Highlighting the property (aerial photos by drone)
  • Creating a detailed sales brochure
  • Define the marketing strategy
  • Visit the property to potential buyers
  • Negotiations and advice on financing
  • Analysis of the draft deed of sale and assistance at the notary's office
  • Checking and handing over the keys

Project development

Our "Project Development" department offers you the following services for managing and marketing your property development. 

  • Defining the customer's situation and expectations
  • Land search and analysis
  • Market analysis and research
  • Establishing the rate of return
  • Negotiating and advising on financing
  • Defining the marketing strategy
  • Highlighting the project (aerial photos)
  • Creation of a comprehensive and detailed sales brochure