Lease Management

Our department « Lease Management & condominium ownership » offers you the following services for the rental property management or for individua lots:

  • Enhancement of your property and/or project
  • Design of promotional brochures and property renting advertisement
    Management of web portals
    Creation of flyers, website, open days, advertising panels, radio spot

  • Rental & administrative management
  • Establishment and management of lease contracts
    Endorsements, modifications and official notifications
    Treatment of lease resignations
    Formalities at entry and exit of tenants
    Representation of the owner in front of third parties

  • Financial management
  • Opening of an individual bank account
    Collecting rental payments
    Payment of financial charges
    Establishment of the annual management account

  • Technical management
  • Concierge service: requirements specification, contracts, monitoring of activities
    Inventory and state of repair
    Routine maintenance and repairs
    Renovations, drainage
    Control of maintenance contracts


Our department « Brokerage » offers you the following services for the commercialization of apartments, houses, properties, fields and so on.

  • Settlement of the situation and expectations of the client
  • Property’s value estimation according to the market
  • Enhancement of the property (aerial photography; home staging…)
  • Creation of detailed sales brochures
  • Define a marketing strategy for the commercialization
  • Visit of the property to potential buyers with broad availabilities (in the evening on weekdays and on the week-end)
  • Negotiations and advice on financing
  • Analysis of the draft act and accompaniment to the notary
  • Control and handing-over of the keys
  • Etc…

Administration of properties

Our department « Lease management & condominium ownership » offers you the following services for the management of condominium ownership, co-ownership or real estate company...etc.:

Administrative management

  • Convening and holding of General Assemblies
  • Formulation of reports
  • Implementation of decisions taken at the General Assembly
  • Conflict management
  • Representation of the community in front of third parties
  • Annual report
  • Etc…

Technical management
  • Implementation and monitoring of concierge services
  • Control of maintenance contracts
  • Monitoring and settlement of claims with the insurance and the involved co-owner(s)
  • Management and monitoring of decisions taken at the General Assembly
  • Etc…

Financial management
  • Establishment of the annual accounts and estimated budgets
  • Payment of operating and heating costs
  • Costs distribution between co-owners
  • Monitoring of the collection of charges
  • Management of renovation fund
  • Etc…


Our department « Promotion » offers you the following services for the steering and commercialization of your real estate project:

  • Define the client’s situation and expectations
  • Research and analysis of the field
  • Analysis and market research
  • Negotiations and advice on financing
  • Establishment of the rate of return
  • Define the marketing and commercialization strategy
  • Enhancement of the project (aerial photograph; augmented reality…)
  • Creation of an overall as well as detailed sales brochure
  • Etc…